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Who are we?


Welcome to Sinking Ships Behavior Analysis and Coaching Services. Your number one source for all things related to spiritual growth, identifying and using spiritual gifts to Glorify God, and identifying and removing strongholds that may prevent you from using your gifts and growing in spiritual maturity.


We're dedicated to providing you with the very best of PowerPoint Workshops for spiritual growth, with an emphasis on 1. Unique personality giftedness 2. Understanding and using your gifts to glorify God and serve as a member of the Body of Christ. 3. Release and Receive Course Workshops focused on removing specific barriers that may block you from using your gifts efficiently.


We also have low-cost online courses to help you create your own Christian Coaching business and everything from creating a website, and advertising on social media, to hosting your workshops and coaching. If you act quickly, you can have lifetime access to 150 courses at your fingertips for just $79. This is how you can support my ministry by buying and enrolling in courses or small donations.


But what if you have issues that are preventing you from using your gifts?

We also have complete FREE and low-cost courses for parenting struggles, relationships, sexual bondage, and lacking faith. Al these courses will give you the information you need to free yourself from these strongholds so you can continue growing in spiritual maturity and use the gifts God gave you to use.

Our own Spiritual Journey


Sinking Ships Behavior Analysis and Coaching Services have come a long way from its beginnings in 2019 in Tampa, Florida. When Ron first started out as a coach, his passion for Anchoring in God quickly made him realize that there were more people that needed to be rescued from drowning than there were to be anchored; especially regarding sexual sin and sexual bondage. So Ron gave up coaching and started doing conquer series groups. These were in-person groups held at his home. Then the Holy Spirit led him to move to Kentucky. He doesn't do in-person groups anymore, but he does course workshops that include membership groups on the conquer series platform. He has a FREE Boot 10-week Boot Camp course to give a snippet for the type of information someone can get joining the conquer series. He also created this website to continuously offer FREE material (PowerPoint Training, assessments, books, videos, and other resources) to help anyone with their own spiritual growth.


Please subscribe to the site so we can inform you of the new content posted regularly on this site.

We hope you enjoy our course and resources as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Ronald (Sonny) A. Fahrenholz II

We have a strong sense of community with parishioners. People and children of all ages here are encouraged to learn about their own faith and the role of the church in our community and worldwide

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